Introduction to the Internation Youth Climate Movement

The International Youth Climate Movement is the every growing movement of international youth who are building education, creating awareness, and taking action on climate change.

Our motivation

Climate change is increasingly becoming understood as a global problem which endangers all life on our planet. Over billions of years, the Earth’s special chemistry came into balance, creating the conditions which led to the development of life, including, most recently, human beings. This balance of the elements – earth, water, air, and fire – is the only system we’ve ever known, and right now, human activities are throwing off that balance, adding carbon to the atmosphere and millions of toxic chemicals to our air and water. Simply put, we are destroying the conditions that brought about our existence. This is neither natural nor necessary.

The international scientific community has indicated that 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will cause significant disruption with the climate system. We are currently at ~380. The average annual increase is 2-3 parts per million, giving us 6-10 years to start seeing those numbers drop. The time for action is now.

A brief history of the International Youth Climate Movement

In 2005, during COP11 in Montreal (Canada), young people started to get organized at COP. Youth delegations from various countries attended, to advocate on behalf of young people. As a result, the concept of the International Youth Climate Movement was first developed, though it was originally referred to as the International Youth Delegation, referring to the youth delegates at the international climate negotiations.

The IYCM acts in the UNFCCC process since 2009 throughout the constituency YOUNGO. Find out more about it here.


How are we organized?

The International Youth Climate Movement is run by teams of volunteers. These teams of volunteers organise themselves into different working groups and form the central organs of the movement, coordinated by a Bottom-lining Team, and holding several working groups (Human Rights, Intergenerational Equity, Participation, Communication, etc) that helps to organize their efforts, especially at international climate negotiations.

Who is part of the IYCM?

Across the world, there are youth organizations who have formed coalitions to take positive action on climate change. Each Climate Coalition or Climate Network is affiliated to a regional or continental movement.

These movements include the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change; Caribbean Youth Environmental Network; European Youth Climate Movement; Project Survival Pacific; Nordic Youth Climate Action Movement; North East Asia Youth Environmental Network; the South American Youth Climate Coalition and the South Asia Youth Environment Network.

Consequently, these local, national and continental organizations come together to form the International Youth Climate Movement.

Our members

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